Capehart Takes on Rudy in WaPo Column


I was starting to wonder what Jonathan Capehart’s point was in his WaPo column on Rudy titled, “Hizzoner the Curmudgeon.”  I mean, besides airing several negative facts about Giuliani’s personal life, and his time as NYC Mayor, the column didn’t seem to really be about anything (afterall this is his criticism of Rudy, made in the Seinfeld reference).

That’s because he doesn’t get to the point till the very end:

The visionary mayor who brought law and order to the ungovernable city and who became the face of a bloodied but unbowed nation on Sept. 11, 2001, was a difficult mayor. Many wonder whether the trauma of that day has mellowed Giuliani. We’ll soon know. There’s nothing like the stress of a presidential campaign to find out for sure.

Hrmph.  I guess that’s not so much an attack as a veiled compliment.


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