CNN Scrutinizes Rudy’s Personal Life


We all knew it was coming, Mayor Giuliani’s personal life has not always been well ordered. But in a CNN article out today, a leading Evangelical leader is trotted out to bash Rudy’s prior marriages, and divorces.

Here are the story “highlights” if you don’t want to read the whole thing:

• Southern Baptist leader says evangelicals have major doubts about Rudy Giuliani
• Richard Land cites GOP presidential hopeful’s bitter divorce from second wife
• Land says Giuliani ‘publicly humiliated’ former wife, children
• Giuliani has been married three times; first marriage was annulled

Now granted this isn’t a feature article, and it’s only appearing on-line from what I can tell. But this could potentially dominate the news cycle for a few days.

For his part, Rudy hasn’t encouraged reporters by responding to their questions about his marriages. Whether that’s a strategy that works, or not, has yet to be seen.

Update: Thanks to a reader who sent along a WaPo article on this topic today from Ruth Marcus, “Can Rudy Get Past the First Date?”  Rudy fans should expect to see more this in the coming days.  The media seems to be feasting on this topic.


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