Rich Lowry on Rudy’s “Executive Prowress”


Real Clear Politics has an excellent article in the Wednesday edition by Rich Lowry on Rudy.  The article takes a closer look at Rudy’s allure of executive experience, namely as Mayor of NYC.  Lowry closes with an insightful road-map for what Rudy and his campaign is likely to face from the media, and GOP voters, in the coming months:

This makes the Competence Primary very important in the Republican nomination contest, and Giuliani is the front-runner in it, although he has competition from Romney, a successful businessman with strong management skills. This doesn’t mean that Giuliani will excel in the Temperament Primary. Some of the qualities that made him a successful mayor — the hunger for power, the jealousy of other centers of authority, the egocentric drive — don’t make him the most pleasant person. And the Ideological Primary will be a major challenge.

Lowry also outlines some of the major differences between Rudy’s management style and that of President Bush.  Definitely worth a read for anyone considering Rudy’s management bona fides.


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