Attacks from All Sides


It’s been a rough few days for Rudy Giuliani. After the New York Times sensationalized a few comments by Mr. Giuliani’s son, arrows flew from the right. The Southern Baptist Convention’s political strongman Dick Land wrote an article criticizing the Mayor for his divorce, and the editors of the National Catholic Register came out firmly opposed to Rudy’s stance on abortion.

Good Company

As the media salivated over the Andrew Giuliani interview, few seemed to pay much attention to what the young man actually had to say . Little coverage was given to the fact that father and son have recently reconciled, and even less attention was paid to Andrew’s statement that, “I have problems with my father, but that doesn’t mean he won’t make a good president.” That’s more than Ronald Reagan could have hoped to hear from his estranged daughter Patti Davis before or during his Presidency.

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Richard Land attacked Mr. Giuliani’s character recently (article) over his divorce from Donna Hanover. The “divorce on steroids” was apparently too much for Mr. Land, who felt strangely compelled to pardon John McCain for his past marital missteps: “When you’re a war hero [like McCain], you have less to prove on the character front.”

Never mind the circumstances surrounding McCain’s divorce from his first wife. After a severe car accident while McCain was in Vietnam, McCain’s first wife Carol, a former model, had gained weight, lost 4 inches in height, and had to use crutches. Mr. McCain returned from Vietnam to find a very different looking wife and divorced Carol after engaging in extramarital affairs. Not exactly on par with my definition of character.

And about that pass for being a war hero…Mr. Giuliani was America’s hero in the first battle in the modern War on Terror.

Rudy Giuliani is in good company. The last President to have been through both divorce and public problems with a son or daughter was Ronald Reagan.

Tunnel Vision

In No Deal, Rudy, the editors of the National Catholic Register proclaim that “A Republican Party led by a pro-abortion politician would become a pro-abortion party.” I, for one, have no intentions of changing my pro-life stance. I’m sure many of you feel the same way. There is more to this, however.

The writers complain that those of us who support Mr. Giuliani and desire for them to do the same “assume that there is something unreasonable about the pro-life position to start with.” Wrong. We simply a) feel that Rudy Giuliani is the one candidate best suited to lead our nation and economy through turbulent times and protect Americans from those who would do us harm, and b) accept the Mayor’s pledge to appoint judges in the mold of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito.

The editors go on to say that, “If [Republicans] put a pro-abortion politician up for president, the gains they’ve built [with the Catholic vote] for decades will vanish overnight.” With Rudy on the ticket, then, these writers will urge Catholic voters to vote for the Democratic nominee or to not vote at all. In either case, they will be helping the cause of another pro-choice candidate – and this will be one who has not pledged conservative judicial nominees. They will be, directly or indirectly, supporting a candidate who poses less of a threat to terrorists. They will be fighting for a candidate who will do less to protect and defend Americans.


No one is surprised by the attacks on Mr. Giuliani. I am confident that they won’t dishearten the Mayor. Being a pugnacious Republican mayor in New York requires some pretty thick skin.


2 Responses to “Attacks from All Sides”

  1. Dano Stampa Says:

    It looks like the religious right stem cell crowd is trying to sabatoge Rudy’s candidacy those idiots are worried about stupid domestic issues like abortion and gays which have nothing to do with the major issues facing our nation. Furthermore those issues will never be changed anyway for example just what has pro-life Bush done for the last 6 years about abortions. It’s only used in campaigns to get votes and thats it. Rudy’s honest and straightforward about his positions and I respect that. Newt Gingrich has just admitted a extra marital affair I wonder how the Religious right will take that news.

  2. Jason Says:

    Very good post. I agree completely. I am pro-life and, like you, have no intentions of changing my abortion position. However, I definitely feel like Giuliani is by far the best candidate out there.

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