David All’s Urgent Telegram for Rudy


David All, the new media extraordinaire, has an urgent telegram for Rudy posted on his media group’s blog.

 Here’s the deal. We all know Rudy’s baggage. We’ve all seen him in drag. We know he’s admittedly not that conservative.

If Rudy’s non-traditional campaign is going to make it through the Primary process, he’ll need to tap in to something bigger and more meaningful than those attacks.

Rudy has the public on his side (for now), and a ton of credibility on the Global War on Terror. To rise above the attacks, he’ll need to be able to tap in to that energy, and doing so is going to take much more than a press release. He’ll need to do it through his personality, his authenticity, and he’ll need to be speaking directly to “us.”

YouTube videos are the only way to go.

You may have noticed the new sidebar to this site, featuring Rudy videos.  You’ll notice most of these videos are just recordings of Rudy’s speeches.  For Rudy Fans, that may be enough.  But online outreach, including the use of podcasts, blogs, vidcasts, and other tools, are the new avenue for reaching out to an increasingly Internet savvy electorate.  Let’s hope Rudy, or someone in his camp, gets David’s memo!

 P.S. Be sure to read the interesting story David links to from The Politico (“GOP Opponents Say Now It’s Rudy’s Turn“) as well.


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