Hello, Everyone.  My name is Geoff Smock, and I will be serving as the site editor.  A brief bit about myself.  I currently serve as President for the College Republicans at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington.  I had the honor and privilege of serving as Youth Chairman for the Bush-Cheney ’04 Steering Committee in my home legislative district in the last presidential campaign.  I am a Sophomore majoring in Political Science and History, and plan to attend law school upon completion of my undergraduate degree.

I hope to write a comprehensive piece on my reasoning for supporting Mayor Giuliani soon, but let me briefly outline a few brief points of why I support him now. 

Giuliani’s experience and record as mayor of New York City demonstrate that he is ideally suited for the presidency at this time.  He is a tough, resolute, and courageous leader—exactly the type of executive we need in this time of war and national unease.  He did not hesitate to turn the establishment status quo in New York City upside down, and he will not hesitate to do the same with the Washington status quo.  Mayor Giuliani has exactly the right approach towards our war with radical Islam and, just as importantly, is willing to go against the conventional wisdom of the Washington elite, which is all too often dead wrong.

I disagree with Mayor Giuliani’s positions on a few critical social issues, but, for reasons I will enumerate in the near future, those disagreements are immaterial to my decision to support his campaign for the presidency, or any presidential candidacy.

Mayor Giuliani is the best candidate available, and I look forward to blogging and campaigning for him over the long course of this campaign.


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