Hizzoner, Romney, & the Press


Glad to be a part of the gang, here.  I am karlub – PA RudyBlogger, and have started up the Pennsylvania Giuliani blog, a link to which can be found, appropriately, on the right.  Thanks for the organizing influence from the site developer, WA for Rudy.

The first comment on my RudyBlog was from a family member who feels the press is going after Mitt Romney now as he is the most stereotypically Conservative GOP first tier candidate, so he is the one they want to damage the most.  Leaving aside for now questions as to Romney’s actual conservatism, and whether he ought to even still be considered first tier, I am curious as to how others view this line of thinking.

I think there is an element of truth in it, in that the press is most certainly going to attack Giuliani like a pack of tweaking pit bulls when they think the time is right.  That inevitable onslaught would be most damaging in the general election, should Hizzoner be fortunate enough to have that opportunity.  Would it, then, be best to air out all the personal stuff ASAP?  It will get ugly, but I am undaunted.  The thought I had– which I have already seen elsewhere, but I have no citation– was that the last president we had who was divorced, had problems with the kids, and was comfortable around gay people, was a fellow named Reagan.


One Response to “Hizzoner, Romney, & the Press”

  1. WA for Rudy Says:

    A fellow named Mike McGavick ran for Senate out here in Washington last cycle. He was running an insurgent campaign well into August, when he made what some have considered a terrible mistake. Mike revealed that he had been cited for a DUI nearly a decade before.

    Pre-emptively letting the skeletons in one’s closet out to dance is a risky business. In McGavick’s case, it became a fixation in the press for the day that McGavick’s electoral chances began to sour.

    Now turn to Rudy. He has had a messy personal life. So have others in the race. These are not secrets, and yet they could have some potential for causing harm to his image, if allowed to fester in the press. I think two things will save Rudy from being “swift-boated” by the Left, and by his GOP challengers.

    1) He has a very sharp communications staff. They have undoubtedly scrutinized Rudy’s history, and should have a whole dossier on what could be used against them.

    2) Rudy can pull of “righteous indignation” very well. People who want to dive into his personal life shouldn’t be surprised when they meet fire and brimstone. On the other hand, Rudy can talk candidly about his personal life, and people will realize he’s just an average joe, who rose to the calling of public service.

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