Five Rudy Links Roundup


Kavon at has a post up on the bloggers conference call with Rudy’s team today. I missed the call, but it sounds like Rudy’s New Media and eCampaign people know what they’re doing. Here’s to hoping that future calls are podcasted! Another write-up from a McCain leaning blog can be found here.

Chris Cillizza at the WaPo’s blog, The Fix, takes another brief look at Rudy. His question of the day, aka “Wag the Blog” is this: Can Rudy Win? WaPo’s full Rudy coverage can be found at this link.

Rich Lowry considers the waning importance of abortion as an issue in national politics. While he doesn’t spare Rudy, he also indicts another GOP contender. Lowry predicts that Rudy will stay pro-choice now throughout the campaign. I found it curious, because for such a leftist fever swamp (another front-page post touted impeachment of President Bush) the post actually made some sense. The Daily Chaser has a post up with the latest anti-Rudy YouTube video to surface (in this case, an old speech he gave on abortion). also comments today on Prof. Althouse’s NYT column, re: Rudy & abortion.

(UPDATE: Thanks to a reader for emailing along this story from the American Spectator.  The long and short: are pro-lifers thinking deal or no deal?)

Michael Seitzman at the Huffington Post has a curiously pro-Rudy blog up today. In it, he takes issue with Rudy’s comment captured by the NYT that, “I disagree with myself somedays.”

FINALLY, Martin Frost offers some wise words at in his latest editorial. In the article titled, “In Presidential Horse Race, No Sure Bets” Frost makes a good case for campaign fatigue. At the center of the piece is what he believes could be a cancelling out effect — on the Left by Obama v. Hillary, and on the Right by McCain v. Rudy.


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