Simon on Rudy


Roger Simon has a piece on Rudy up at today. His points are well made and I would completely agree that Rudy’s lack of ideological purity in our current national state is of little significance.

This point was born out by Sen. David Vitter’s (R-LA) endorsement of Rudy today. As far as I know, Sen. Vitter is every bit as socially conservative as the next southern Republican, but as he said in his endorsement press conference, Rudy’s position on abortion will not be a tough sell in the socially conservative south, “particularly post-Katrina.” As Mr. Simon pointed out in his piece, Rudy can go before the American people and tell them that, more than any other current candidate, “he knows how to run things.”

In a presidential election and in a time of war and grave uncertainty, that matters for much more than a candidate’s position on abortion and gay marriage, as important as those issues are.


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