Pre 9/11 Rudy


Deroy Murdock has a nice piece on the Human Events site detailing Giuliani’s accomplishments as Mayor of– arguably– the most ungovernable metropolis in the US.  [HT NRO]

While none of this is news to those contributing here, it is an excellent laundry list to have on hand to share with those conservatives leery of Hizzoner’s candidacy.

Personally, these comprise the bulk of the reasons why I strongly support his candidacy.  His performance during 9/11, for me, merely underscored his already apparent executive competence.  He had already earned my respect when he kicked Arafat out of Lincoln Center.  Not only for doing it, but for boldly defending it when all the usual suspects in the MSM quivered in prissy disdain at such a diplomatic breach.


2 Responses to “Pre 9/11 Rudy”

  1. Rich Says:

    Rudy’s got what it takes!

  2. karlub - PA RudyBlogger Says:

    Shouldn’t those be Brass Ones, Rich?

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