Re: Rudy In A Top Hat


I couldn’t agree more that Mayor Giuliani is the right man for the presidency, much like Lincoln was, as they are both blessed with “wisdom, tenacity, and unshakable commitment to his [their] beliefs.”  Very well said.

Be a little careful with the Lincoln comparisons, though.  You’ve done a great and eloquent job highlighting the similarities of these two great leaders.  But a difference in this particular case is Hizzoner will likely be making a case for his candidacy on the basis of Federalism.  That is, State’s Rights, which is what we called Federalism before the segregationists did to State’s Rights what FDR and LBJ did to “Liberalism”.


One Response to “Re: Rudy In A Top Hat”

  1. ohio4rudy Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts. I agree that federalism will be an important idea in Rudy’s campaign, and the conflict you pointed out occurred to me as I quoted Lincoln. My hope is that our readers will understand the parallels between Abe and Rudy that I intended to highlight – the sharp, reasoned approach to problems and the firm stance taken in defense of what is right.

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