Ohio Poll Kind of Supports the Thompson Conventional Wisdom


This recent Quinnipiac presidential primary poll in Ohio [HT to The Morning Call’s Josh Drobnyk] suggests including Fred Thompson in a poll does little to Rudy Giuliani’s support. On January 30 Giuliani and McCain were on the top, at 30-22. Today they are in pretty much the same place, at 31-20.

Romney did manage to gain a couple points, though, showing robust 33% growth to a staggering 6 points. Fred scored a six. Where did those six points come from? Well, it looks like they probably came from the people who earlier said they wouldn’t vote for any of them, as that is the demographic that shrunk the most.

So the good news, at least in Ohio, is it appears Thompson would not erode Rudy’s support by merely playing like the coy Newt. The bad news, by the way, is all of the GOP candidates still lose to Hillary, so be prepared to paint Ohio blue. Goes to show what a dash of corruption and sprinkling of tax raising can do to Reagan democrats.


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