Giuliani Campaign Strategy Director: Conservatives Know and Love Giuliani


I recently saw a memo from Brent Seaborn, the Giuliani campaign’s strategy director. In it he details much of the most recent polling, and compares it with internal poll data examiningvoter self-identification.

It seems clear that GOP primary voters are self-described conservatives, they know exactly where the Mayor stands on issues some find divisive, and they love him as a potential president. Take a look at the overall numbers:

Lead In Every Major Media Polls Over Nearest Republican
Opponent Before and After February 5th


Before 2/5

After 2/5






Washington Post ABC




Fox News




NBC/Wall Street Journal




















So, over time as more people learn about him, his lead has grown. Furthermore, Mr. Seaborn points out the internals suggest the people who know the most about all the candidates at this early date are social conservatives, implying Giuliani’s support could grow even more. Most surprisingly, to me, his lead among ‘social conservatives’ is *greater* than his lead among Republicans generally. Amongst those who “attend church regularly” Giuliani’s lead is roughly 28 points.

It seems the estimations of the GOP electorate’s ignorance of Hizzoner’s record were vastly overstated. Of course, this would not be the first time the media has underestimated the intelligence of Republican voters. Furthermore, this polling, coupled with his Hannity performance, and the success of his PA fundraiser has made it a very good week for the campaign.

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3 Responses to “Giuliani Campaign Strategy Director: Conservatives Know and Love Giuliani”

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  2. Greg Says:

    Responsible and pragmatic conservatives, especially politically-saavy conservative Christian voters, are not some monolithic block that waits for someone to tell them what to think. To me, there are two key issues next year: 1) refocusing American resolve on the war against terror, and 2) defeating Hillary. If we get restrictions on abortion out of Giuliani’s tenure as president, that’s gravy…and it looks like we’ll at the very least get a more conservative court.

  3. Bringing Brooklyn to the Cornfields « Bloggers for Rudy Says:

    […] documented elsewhere, though, this prognosticator says those conservatives already know more about Mayor Giuliani than […]

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