Mayor Giuliani on Hannity


Did anyone else get a chance to hear Mayor Giuliani on Sean Hannity’s radio program yesterday? I often have his show on in the background, but mostly because the station that has Medved and Hugh Hewitt on against him doen’t come in very well in Phoenixville. Sean’s heart is in the right place, and sometimes he drops some wisdom, but his program usually doesn’t seem all that thoughtful to me.

I would post Rudy’s performance, but Hannity’s podcast only gives you the 12 minute intro to each show. My analysis was very positive. The Mayor came off as very comfortable in that format, which is no surprise since apparently for some time he had a call-in radio show while Mayor. Most issues seemed under his fingers, and he had especially compelling answers about the social issues on which some conservatives feel Mayor Giuliani has uncomfortably, shall we say, ‘cosmopolitan’ positions.

The only issue on which I think he could have sharpened his answer was that of energy independence. He said most of the right things about what we should do to become less dependant on foreign oil. It just sounded dangerously like conventional wisdom when he implied we could do better with ethanol, like Brazil does. How about we just drop the tariffs on relatively cheap Brazilian ethanol, which is made from sugar cane, rather than encouraging ag-state voters to continue sucking on the crack pipe of domestic subsidies for domestic ethanol, which is made more expensively from corn?

Most importantly, and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bury my lead, is the fact that Mayor Giuliani took calls from listeners. While I expect they were screened, he demonstrated a remarkable ability to field random questions from real people. Furthermore, he seemed to genuinely enjoy it, and said so at the conclusion of the interview. He felt that sort of process was the best way to get a sense of what people were actually thinking.

This was great politics. He not only flattered the voter, showed confidence, and showed command of the issues, but also highlighted the fact that other politicians are unlikely to take phone calls from the public on a national radio program. Would either Bush? Would Hillary? Certainly not. McCain and Romney? I know they would prefer not to, although Giuliani’s performance yesterday may make it mandatory. Would Obama and Edwards? In their cases I would say maybe on the former, and probably on the latter.

Get ready for the primary process entirely determined by media performances and fundraising. I think this thing could possibly be over before a primary vote is cast.


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