Re: Rudy’s War Chest


If any of you all hadn’t noticed, I broke the news on the PA RudyBlog last Friday about how the Mayor’s fundraiser in the Philadelphia suburbs performed well above expectations, bringing in more than $350k, and also the attendance of state GOP committee bigwig Bob Asher. Pretty much all the other major candidates passed through the Philadelphia area at the same time, and the Mayor was the only one to perform above expectations, with some performing well below expectations. The post is here.

If this is indicative of Giuliani’s fundraising performance elsewhere, the 1Q07 figures for Hizzoner’s campaign will be good. I have to wonder, though, what will Romney do with all that money he’s raising? Given his polling it appears darn near every person who supports him has also written him a $2500 check. I’ve heard rumblings that his mormon-ness, or mormonity, or latter-day-sainthood– whatever the proper term is– helps him with raising money. Those networks are perpetually in place.


One Response to “Re: Rudy’s War Chest”

  1. Seattle Says:

    I’ve also read in various outlets that Romney is worth somewhere near $500M…

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