What’s In Rudy’s War Chest?


With the end of the month quickly approaching, many ’08 observers will be paying keen attention to fundraising performance. From some of the commentary I’ve read (Jonathan Martin at The Politico has a good piece), the mid-summer filing may actually be more indicative of overall campaign strength–but this early report will surely draw media attention.

Today we heard that McCain’s fundraising performance might not be as competitive at this point when compared with “others” in the race. Rudy has been leading in the polls, but a lot of the chatter in the blogosophere has been about Romney’s one-day windfall of over $6.5M.

My own experience with these filings, and the media hype that surrounds them, is that the candidate with the best numbers stands to further benefit from a wave of cash in the following months. Many big donors analyze fundraising prowess in deciding who to support, and they’re more likely to cut checks for someone who has already proven themselves to be a good fundraiser.

Don Surber asked the question I’ve been pondering in a post at the Daily Mail blog: What can we expect from Rudy? Will it be in the $30M range? Will he be at the front of the pack, in the middle, or what? In December, he managed to raise $800K at one fundraiser–has that continued? If I get wind of any early estimates, I’ll share them here. For now, look for the fundraising figures to dominate the campaign news cycle this week.

If Rudy’s financials match his support as expressed in a rash of recent polls, he could see a wave of new money washing into his campaign coffers.


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