Giuliani w/Kudlow


Mayor Giuliani spoke with Larry Kudlow recently, a lonely voice of economic reason in the Trotskyist realm of the media. The mayor addresses one of my pet peeves: People who try to massage public behavior through minute manipulation of the tax code. Well, he didn’t explicitly call those people willing tools of the accounting industry and nascent Cromwells. But Rudy seems on the right side of that issue, too.

You see, while Hizzoner made all the appropriate remarks regarding the death tax, supply side economics and lower taxes generally, he also said of the tax code:

“I think it needs a massive simplification…if we were starting off new back at the beginning of the last century, then probably we should go with a–we probably should’ve gone with a flat tax, maybe two levels of tax, but really simple.”

Well, since Steve Forbes isn’t going to be winning any elections soon, and Phil Gramm has perhaps gone a little batty and collegial in his old age and decided to support McCain, I think that makes Mayor Giuliani the candidate of choice for people who would prefer sound economic policy unmixed with divisive social agendas.

Full transcript here.


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