More on Rudy and Forbes


The campaign sure timed this out nicely.  First Rudy gets on Kudlow, arguably the wisest financial pundit in the universe, and channels Steve Forbes, which is entirely consistent with his record as mayor.  The next day Steve Forbes joins his campaign.

Then the day after that you start getting editorials like this one in the NY Sun, in part saying “Mr. Giuliani is emerging as the candidate in this race for growth-oriented, economic conservatives…”   It is certainly no surprise the NY Sun may be partial to Hizzoner.  As an early supporter of NYC’s conservative newspaper of record, though, I can’t tell you how gratifying this is to me.

UPDATE:  The editorial comments on how when Giuliani was mayor he was initially againstrepealing the commuter tax, and so implies Hizzoner’s current supply-side exuberance may be the result of a transformation for the better.  Take a look here, though, to hear why John Podhoretz maintains being against the repeal of the commuter tax may not have been a bad position to have, even for a congenital tax-cutter.


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