Rudy News: “Black Friday”


(NOTE: For those of you unfamiliar with “Black Friday,” see this Wikipedia entry.)

The Real Clear Politics blog reports on a rash of anti-Rudy news stories today.

Tonight the Giulianis interview with Barbara Walters will air, and reportedly the topics will be wide-ranging (and personal).

Steve Forbes pens an excellent endorsement in today’s Wall Street Journal “Extra” section.

All in all, it’s been a busy newsday for Rudy!


One Response to “Rudy News: “Black Friday””

  1. Cate Says:

    I think Bernie Kerik will hurt Rudy a certain extent, perhaps not as much as people think.

    Rudy is very strong. I know the New York Post is playing up Judith’s three marriages but, trust me, as a person who lives in New York, the Post is far more for Rudy than that disgusting tabloid, the Daily News. The Post, I feel, will endorse Rudy for the Republican nomination and the presidency. Newsday, I feel, has been fair. The NY Times, of course, is in love with Obama.

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