Welcome Students for Giuliani!


Cross-posted at Students for Giuliani Blog. [We are welcoming on two new bloggers Josh Hersh and Brandon Kenig]

You may have stumbled upon this site and blog accidentally, but make no mistake about it—you’re here for a reason. Students for Giuliani is a national, grassroots student organization with the aim or organizing students in all 50 states to help carry Rudy to the White House in ’08. We already have chapters in 20 states and we continue to grow rapidly.

In 2006, 10 million youths aged 18-24 voted. This was 2 million more since the 2002 midterm election, and 4 percent more since the 2004 presidential election. Candidates are no longer bypassing America’s youth, and with the presidency at stake in 2008, mobilizing and winning the support of America’s youth will be vital.

Students for Giuliani recognizes this growing trend of youth civic involvement and we’re committed to energizing the youth vote in 2008 for Giuliani. Rudy is the only Republican candidate who can unite all factions of the party and lead us to victory in 2008 over Clinton/Obama. We all agree that in a time when politicians will say anything to get elected, Rudy Giuliani’s genuine and decisive leadership is refreshing. Actions speak louder than words, and anyone who can lead the nation’s largest city of 7 million people out of the worst crisis of our century can lead our nation during these dangerous times.

We ask that you join us—email our national team if you want to help start a chapter at your college or receive more information on how you can help out. We will use this blog to update you on important news in Rudy’s campaign, in our organization’s growth and activity, and in the national effort to elect Rudy president in 2008. Stay with us, check back often, and don’t forget….Election Day is only 583 days away!

Josh Hersh & Brandon Kenig
Bloggers, Students for Giuliani

Josh Hersh is a senior at Kansas State University majoring in Speech Communication with a minor in English. He has spent the last seven years working on political campaigns ranging from school board and managing a student body president race at K-State to U.S. House and Senate races. He is an avid creative writer, enjoys reading and writing political analysis, and playing the occasional game of racquetball. He hopes to pursue a career in political campaign management after graduation.

Brandon Kenig is a junior, pre-law student at Creighton University majoring in Marketing and Political Science. He is currently chairman of the Creighton College Republicans and an elected member of his county’s central GOP committee. Brandon interned with Sen. Sam Brownback in DC in 2006 and served as statewide volunteer coordinator for Nebraska Gov. Heineman’s successful 2006 election campaign. A Kansas City native, Brandon continues to be extremely active in Kansas politics, where he has managed several state representative and U.S. congressional campaigns.


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