Bringing Brooklyn to the Cornfields


So, Mayor Giuliani is making his first significant trip to Iowa [HT NRO].  I’m surprised it took him so long, actually.  He polls well there already, and has influential former GOP Congressman Nussle on board.  It seems the story there is not particularly unique:  Are social conservatives willing to back a candidate often portrayed as squishy on guns, abortion, and gays?

As documented elsewhere, though, this prognosticator says those conservatives already know more about Mayor Giuliani than the punditocracy thinks, and can recognize a man with the leadership to further social, fiscal, and international conservative goals.  His strength in Iowa– as in everywhere else– can no longer be ascribed to mere name recognition.

UPDATE:  Perhaps they do have some work to do in Iowa.  They’ve found a state where Rudy lost a poll.  And a pretty important one, too.  If you live in Iowa, and know some GOP politicos, I’m sure the campaign would like to hear from you…


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