WSJ: Rudy pro-growth street cred


An interesting article in the Wall Street journal, written by one of the editorial board members, notes that the GOP can keep the White House by taking a solidy pro-growth position economically, which will unite the party and in turn, the country, behind that candidate. Specifically, Ms. Kimberley Strassel of the WSJ says:

“The dark horse remains Mr. Giuliani. The former mayor only recently brought on a chief economic advisor, Michael Boskin, who chaired the Council of Economic Advisers under Bush I, and sports his own pro-growth street cred. But Mr. Giuliani may have got his biggest boost when Mr. Flat Tax himself, Steve Forbes, stepped up behind the New Yorker. (See the op-ed nearby.) Mr. Giuliani accepted that endorsement with his own flirtatious language about the merits of a flax tax, leaving the door open for something creative”

It seems that others are starting to pick up on the significance of the Forbes endorsement and discovering for themselves the real pro-growth candidate


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