Rudy Video from Iowa With Hannity


Here is a link to the video of Rudy’s appearance last night with Sean Hannity of Fox News.  Broadcast from Iowa, Hizzoner briefly addresses his strength in that state, and he also hits some of the campaign themes with which we are becoming familiar.

Most importantly, though, he struck a rhetorical pose in this interview we have also seen before, which I think is very powerful.  He is, rightfully, so confident in his leadership abilities that he can simultaneously be self-effacing, acknowledging occasional errors in the past and allowing he will make others in the future.  This type of honesty and candidness can only be pulled off by someone supremely confident in his or her record and qualifications.  It is also, I think, very attractive to voters.  Including myself.  People unable to admit error, people who constantly equivocate to justify past decisions and positions, they drive me to distraction.  Think “I was for the war before I was against it” or “that depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is”.

He also completely diffuses any blowback from his remark on Barbara Walters’ program about how his wife may sit in on cabinet meetings.  Some folks over in NRO’s Corner — K-Lo, I think, or maybe J-Pod– thought this remark could end up haunting him, like Pat Schroeder’s tears or Howard Dean’s primordial howl.  Giuliani explained in context all he was saying was his wife has some experience in healthcare, and has a continuing interest specifically in health education.  In that capacity, yes, she could theoretically sit in on a cabinet meeting covering those topics.  He was clear, though, that she does not want to play an active role in his cabinet and we are in no way getting a “two for one” Clintonian deal with the Giulianis.


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