Rudy and Ike


Dr. Charles Dunn beat me to the punch with this article.  Thoughts?


3 Responses to “Rudy and Ike”

  1. WA for Rudy Says:

    I really wish this were true in Rudy’s case, but I see some stretches of logic, namely there are a few other candidates who the same things could be said about (Fred Thompson is the latest). For Rudy to take it all, I really think he needs to team up early — or at least cary forward with a stronger conservative message. A “heartland” runningmate? On that issue, I am more inclined to get a southener or someone from the West on-board.

  2. ohio4rudy Says:

    So you’re saying that

    1) Fred Thompson “stands out as an authentic hero as a leader during a major crisis”

    2) Fred Thompson is a Republican candidate who could do well in the northeast (see point 4 of the article)

    3) Fred Thompson is NOT a staunch Republican candidate, as compared to a more centrist Giuliani (point 5 of the article)

    4) “In the matter of terrorism and homeland security,” Fred Thompson “rivals Giuliani’s credibility and authority”


    I would respectfully disagree with you on each point.

    As for others…

    McCain may fit the bill except for doing well in the northeast, but he hasn’t had the best start to his campaign.

    Romney, on the other hand, may do well in the northeast, but a proven hero he is not. Moreover Romney wants us to believe that he is a staunch conservative, and we have no real measure of his credibility or authority in the matter of terrorism and homeland security.

    Could you say more about the ‘stronger conservative message’ you feel Rudy should adopt?

  3. WA for Rudy Says:

    LOL. No, I was actually referring to the other half of the article — President Eisenhower. When using other presidencies as benchmarks, it is easy to get ahead of oneself, and say, “Candidate X” will be just like “President Z”. That was the extent of my thought on that matter — but you were right to point out how it could be perceived as unclear. I think Giuliani is all you describe him as, and much more.

    I love Rudy for being a centrist, and a moderate — but I don’t think that will neccessarily motivate or turn out the “conservative base” to vote for him. If he hedges to closely to the middle, a lot of voters might find him “acceptable” but not neccessarily be enthused enough to vote for him in the general. Unless of course it’s Rudy v. Hillary — and then the dynamic changes somewhat. But we’re talking primary voters here, who are said to be more conservative — that’s all I’m getting really at.

    Excellent analysis on McCain/Romney by the way.

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