Hillary vs. Rudy, Round 1


America’s evil stepmother looks to be cleaning her claws in anticipation of her first strike at Rudy Giuliani.

The LA Times reports here that New York’s junior senator, the product of a suburban Chicago childhood and Massachusetts and Connecticut educations, is thinking of parading the New York born and educated former NYC mayor Giuliani in front of a Senate panel (and the free world) to grill him about the government’s “failure” in exposing rescue workers to harmful air pollution after the 9/11 attacks.

Never mind that the toxic air came from two skyscrapers that were levelled at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

Hillary, on the other hand, wants us to understand just how much of a hero she was on that day…

Clinton has also made the Sept. 11 attacks a theme on the presidential campaign trail. She has been using the 9/11 experience to reach out to union leaders who can help her win the Democratic nomination. Clinton has cited her work securing federal money for New York’s reconstruction and in probing the health effects of poor air quality on workers in the months after the attacks.

Hillary and Unions and Lawsuits, Oh My

While the wicked witch of the…midwest?  northeast?  south?  Where is she from anyway?…stirs her cauldron, the International Association of Firefighters is planning to swift boat Rudy because of his supposed “visceral, personal affront to the fallen.”  The IAFF insists that their efforts are based on facts and are not otherwise politically motivated.

In case you were curious, you can check out the IAFF’s political machine here, here, or there, and for a glimpse at their political disposition, check out this sample letter to the editor.  The IAFF was an early supporter of Senator John Kerry’s failed bid for the White House in 2004.

Some families of victims of the 9/11 attacks seem to have directed their grief and anger at Giuliani as well.  There is, of course, a lawsuit in the works, and

some families charge that Giuliani failed to modernize communications systems that on Sept. 11, they say, proved unable to relay an evacuation order to some firefighters in the World Trade Center.

Never mind that, as reported at the bottom of the second page of the 2-page LA Times article, 9/11 Commission co-chairman Thomas Kean

credited Giuliani with answering questions in a private session…he said he did not blame Giuliani for outdated communications systems that continue to plague fire and police, not just in New York but across the country.


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