Giuliani and Abortion Last Week: Part 784, 024 How The Absurd Row v. Wade Has Needlessly Complicated Presidential Politics


The more significant donnybrook last week was, of course, over abortion.  We all knew this was coming, and we all know this will continue.  Most Americans, I think, happen to have positions on abortion more or less exactly like Mayor Giuliani’s.  Of course, each major party also happens to have large minorities within them who’s views differ greatly from those held by the average American.

I don’t think it would be unfair of me as a Giuliani advocate to hope the campaign can help the mayor be more consistent in the enunciation of his abortion views, and better attuned to how his words on the issue will resonate with pro-life voters in the GOP.  That said, the letter below from the campaign’s political director responding to a blistering National Review Online editorial on the matter succinctly puts the case forward on why social conservatives should welcome a Giuliani presidency:

I believe that your editorial “Life Lessons for Rudy was written in good faith, but it ignored the National Review Online article of January 22 titled “Giuliani’s Choices.” Abortions declined by 16.8 percent in New York City during the Giuliani administration, according to the Center for Disease Control. And University of Alabama political scientist Michael New told your publication, “The decline in abortions in New York City under Giuliani was greater than the national decline.” Mayor Giuliani’s success in reducing abortions in New York City was further examined in your publication’s article “Rudy’s Right Record” on March 20.

Rudy Giuliani has repeatedly said that he will not seek to change current law as described in the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding of abortions except in cases involving rape or incest, or where the life of the mother is at stake. And, given the opportunity, a President Giuliani would appoint strict-constructionist judges who will follow in the philosophical footsteps of Justices Thomas, Alito, and Scalia, and Chief Justice Roberts.

As a pro-life conservative, I may not agree with Rudy on every detail of every issue. But I respect his beliefs — as he respects mine — and I cannot argue with his results. And as mayor, he got results that true conservatives should hope their elected leaders can emulate. His policies, based on the conservative principles of accountability and personal responsibility, not only led to the reduction of abortions in New York but also a 66 percent increase in the number of adoptions on his watch. Let’s not forget that he also reduced welfare rolls by nearly 60 percent, cut or eliminated taxes 23 times, lowered the number of bureaucrats in government by 20 percent, and reduced overall crime in the city by 56 percent, making New York City the safest large city in America. If he could accomplish all that as mayor — when he was doing his best to work with an overwhelmingly Democratic city council — I look forward to what he will accomplish as America’s president.

Bill Simon
Policy Director
Giuliani for President


3 Responses to “Giuliani and Abortion Last Week: Part 784, 024 How The Absurd Row v. Wade Has Needlessly Complicated Presidential Politics”

  1. Calvin Says:

    National Review’s response got it right: Rudy needs “less spin & more thinking” on abortion.

  2. Karlub - PA RudyBlogger Says:

    Bill Simon’s letter *answers* that online editorial from NRO.

  3. Calvin Says:

    No, I mean the response to the response:

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