Re: Rudy and Spontaneous Utterances


Of the two Giuliani donnybrooks last week– the federal abortion funding remarks and the blogger remark–the one regarding his “blogger” remarks strikes me as a complete non-issue.  All Giuliani was saying is “This will be a long and hard primary because the current new media atmosphere encourages messages uncontrolled by the campaign, and this will be continuous and ubiquitous.”  It did not appear to me the Mayor was making any qualitative judgement here, just a statement of fact.

Any blogger who is thin-skinned enough to have his or her feelings hurt by this remark ought to consider a different hobby.  After all, one of the things we bloggers like to espouse about our medium is the fact our timely and unedited hurley-burley style makes for more interesting and compelling analysis.  It is rather rich, then, for Mr. Welch– who I like, btw– to be so eagerly seeking offense that he views Giuliani’s remarks as somehow dismissive of him and his colleagues.


One Response to “Re: Rudy and Spontaneous Utterances”

  1. WA for Rudy Says:

    Ah-hah, you’re right about the abortion comment making more news–but in the blogosphere (or in the conservative one, at least), it’s widely considered disrespectful to blame things on anonymous “bloggers.”

    I think it’s interesting you bring this point up though, and especially in concert with the abortion remark. Here’s why: both could be taken out of context, with slight nuances inadvertently missed — or worse yet, purposefully put forth by the “loyal opposition.” See i.e., the YouTube videos from a 1989 speech given by Mayor Giuliani. A very important line was omitted from many of the clips — one that puts his statement in the context of (I believe) a certain bill before Congress.

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