Nice NRO Rudy/Abortion Piece


There’s a nice piece up on National Review Online by Deroy Murdock on Giuliani and abortion.  That’s good to see since that gang recently editorially took Hizzoner to the woodshed on the issue.  It contains many things I already knew, but one important thing I did not.

We all know the abortion rate decreasedfaster than the national average in New York City under Mayor Giuliani, reversing a NYC trend where the rate of decrease was lower than the national average.  Sometimes you hear people say Giuliani should be careful taking credit for this, as the change was consistent with national trends and the abortion rate in NYC was astronomically high.  Turns out this criticism is clearly bunk.

You see, abortions have increased under Bloomberg.  This is I did not know.

So before Giuliani New Yorkers were apparently less progressive than their fellow citizens elsewhere in recognizing abortion should be avoided at all costs.  Then while he was mayor abortions decreased faster than the national rate.  After Giuliani departed from Gracie Mansion, then, the abortion rate started to increase after more than a decade of dropping .  Yet some people think Giuliani really shouldn’t take credit for making NYC safer for all people, including the unborn.


2 Responses to “Nice NRO Rudy/Abortion Piece”

  1. josh Says:

    interesting. i didn’t know that. thanks for the heads up.

  2. WA for Rudy Says:

    I know Deroy, and actually had lunch with him when he was out this way this winter. He’s a great writer, and I trust his judgment on Rudy. That being said, Rudy needs to control his message better on abortion — both being proactive and responding faster in the future (i.e. to anonymous YouTube swiftboaters).

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