RE: New York Turning Red for Rudy…


I agree that Mayor Giuliani is clearly the most electable candidate in the GOP field at this point, and that is nothing to sniffle at given the obstacles the Republican nominee, whoever they are, will have to overcome in the election.  That fact is certainly working to his advantage in the primary horse race at the moment, and I think will continue to throughout.  Not only is he equipped to hold on to those states President Bush carried in ’04, at least as of now, but he is in a position to take light blue states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Wiconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and maybe, just maybe, my home state of Washington, which hasn’t given its electoral votes to a Republican since President Reagan in ’84.

With that said, it’s also a possibility that conservatives may find it a tonic too bitter to swallow to vote for a pro-choice, anti-gun, social liberal from New York.  If that were to occur, the gains that Mayor Giuliani may have made with moderates and conservative Democrats may be nullified by diminished conservative support.  He will not have increased his vote total over that which President Bush achieved, he will just have received one identical in size but different in composition.


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