Rudy News Links


Rudy has an excellent article on fiscal policy in the Financial Times.  (I’ve been impressed by both Rudy and McCain’s placement of op-eds in recent weeks!)  Rudy’s FT article focuses on  what he calls the “four pillars of American prosperity”:

1. Reduced Spending Growth

2. Lower Tax Rates

3. Regulatory Reform

4. Sound Monetary Policy

My friend Deroy Murdock has filed another interesting profile of Rudy at National Review Online: This Record Isn’t Broken (takes aim at Rudy’s position on abortion):

Giuliani’s critics should pause and remember that these abortion reductions during his tenure did not happen in a conservative bastion like Lynchburg, Virginia, or Tulsa, Oklahoma. These dramatic declines occurred in New York City, arguably America’s abortion headquarters. The New York state of mind on abortion may have been captured most accurately on a bumper sticker I once saw here: “If you don’t like abortion, don’t have one.”

The AP is carrying a story on Rudy’s trip to SC, and David Brody follows up at CBN with another report from the South.

Finally, the Chicago Trib blog has some interesting observations on polls.


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