Rudy on Glenn Beck – Immigration and Guns


Hizzoner was just on the Glenn Beck program– Glenn is my favorite radio talker– and he clarified some issues on which he has been accused of being evasive.

Immigration:  Wants a fence, and thinks the most important thing is being sure we know the identity of all immigrants in the country so we can ferret out terrorists and other criminals.  So long as in the future I hear some strong language about penalizing employers of illegal immigrants it seems to me Hizzoner and I are, again, on the exact same page.  Most reasonable people agree the matter of what to do with the millions of illegals already here is pretty hairy, and it is on this that the mayor and I will likely diverge from the more zealous immigration restrictionists.

2nd Amendment:  He feels anyone who is not crazy, a criminal, or blind has a constitutional right to bear arms, and he’s all for that.

So while the Mayor is no Tancredo, and I doubt you will hear him say “an armed society is a polite society” any time soon, his positions are entirely welcoming to the conservative GOP base.  Not incidentally, I would say these positions are similar to those of general electorate as well.


3 Responses to “Rudy on Glenn Beck – Immigration and Guns”

  1. WA for Rudy Says:

    I like Glenn Beck better on the radio than TV, lol 🙂 Rudy is doing well to stake out positions on these two issues, and to get his message out to primary voters on them. While Rudy’s defining issue is still probably the Long War, and national security, it’s good to see him branching out. He’s also doing pretty well on economic and fiscal policy talk too — but these issues you’ve highlighted are much more sexy!

  2. Hello Rudy Says:

    Rudy on gun licensing:
    “But he said the idea doesn’t go far enough, and urged that owning a handgun be subject to the same scrutiny as operating a car: applicants should pass a written and a physical test, should be subject to a waiting period and a background check, and should be required to have liability insurance.”
    He also includes rifles, along with handguns, in the above quote. Link

  3. Eric Dondero Says:

    The one issue that’s keeping Rudy from gaining more support in among my fellow libertarians is the gun issue.

    I think it would benefit our guy Rudy, to make a special appeal to libertarian Republicans, who are very skeptical of him right now, specifically because of the issue of the 2nd Amendment. (Though, Libertarians are also a bit ticked at him for his past position against legalized Prostitution.)

    Please Rudy Campaign. Help our Libertarians for Rudy effort by making a specific appeal to Libertarians, allaying Libertarian fears on the gun issue.

    I need some help here.

    Eric Dondero, Chairman
    Libertarians for Giuliani

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