Joe Klein Has It Exactly Wrong


Has anyone else read this piece by Joe Klein at  In it, he says Giuliani may have been a great mayor of New York City for snubbing Arafat and refusing Talaweed’s post 9/11 money.  But those instincts would be bad for a president, as the Commander in Chief has to be more diplomatic than that.

That line of thinking seems, to me, almost intentionally calibrated as logical antimatter.  Only Nixon can go to China, right?

What candidate do you think the Saudis or Iranians will find easier to ignore?  A candidate birthed from the warm goo of State Department internationalism and nuanced protocol?  Or the candidate who’s record suggests their international actions may actually invoke consequences?


2 Responses to “Joe Klein Has It Exactly Wrong”

  1. WA for Rudy Says:

    PA4Rudy, you make exactly the right point! Can you imagine what a President Hillary would be like? She’d be on Air Force One with Speaker Pelosi to Tehran whenever there was a “crisis”. This nation can’t afford any of that “warm”, “soft”, “feel good”, hugs all around type of diplomacy right now.

  2. avoiceofreason Says:

    You nailed it. Now, you all know I’ve been on the Rudy bandwagon a LONG time, and the more I hear others, and hear Mr. Mayor, the more I am convinced I made the only reasonable choice!

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