Rudy touts energy independence


Many politicians talk the talk but rarely walk the walk when it comes to energy independence. When he was in Springfield, Mo. this past weekend for a fundraiser, Rudy commented that he believes energy independence is the most important issue that we face aside from terrorism. While most politicians take a half-hearted approach to this difficult issue, Giuliani recognizes that there is an all-encompassing situation, including ethanol, renewable technologies, fuel-efficient vehicles AND more offshore drilling in the United States (the article does not mention this, but Rudy has been very vocal about the need for more domestic drilling, which most Americans agree with but most Democratic candidates on the left are unwilling to acknowledge because it does not play well with their far-left constituencies). As Rudy says, energy independence is linked to national security, because it means we have to pay our enemies, including Iran and Venezuela.

One of Rudy’s best lines from the night and a signature theme that defines his campaign and signifies how it will be different from his primary oppoenents and all the Democrats:

Too much of our party is defined by what we’re against. Too little is defined by what we’re for. When you start being for something, millions and millions of people start to follow you


One Response to “Rudy touts energy independence”

  1. Mela Ebel Says:

    Dear Rudy,

    I have been an advocate for offshore drilling for a very long time. I am a strong supporter of your candidacy and this give me even more of a reason to be so. Your tough love approach to many of the problems that
    plague our country convince me that you are the best man for the job. If we can become more ‘isolationists” in our energy endeavors, perhaps many of our enemies will have more respect for us and not just use us as they have been doing.

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