Rudy’s Thought of the Week: April 15th


On the federal tax code…

“I think it needs a massive simplification.  If we were doing income tax for the first time…we probably should’ve gone with a flat tax, or maybe two levels of tax, but really simple….The tax code needs a simplification, in addition to lowering your sum taxes.”

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One Response to “Rudy’s Thought of the Week: April 15th”

  1. WA for Rudy Says:

    Even if his critics crack up about his supposed “poor record” on social issues, there’s no denying Rudy has the right stuff when it comes to the economy and tax policy! How is anyone supposed to understand thousands upon thousands of rules and regulations? The truth is, no one can. Not even my accountant at H&R Block can keep up with it. And the people at the IRS don’t even know what’s going on half the time.

    Keep up this “thought of the week” series, it’s refreshing to see Rudy’s thoughts on the issues, first hand!

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