Rudy’s fundraising: A Closer Look


At the end of the first quarter, Rudy

  • raised $14.8 million
  • had $11 million in cash on hand
  • held 36 fundraising events in the month of March
  • received money from 28, 300 individual contributors
  • only spent $5.7 million (less than half of what Romney spent)
  • New York, California, and Texas were all major sources of Rudy’s campaign contributions (all 3 states carry a lot of votes and influence in the super tuesday primaries next year)
  • Average contribution: $492

And here’s the really interesting piece of info:

  • 64% of Rudy’s contributions were under $100

This fact just confirms that Giuliani enjoys broad support among the electorate and has energized the grassroots.  Average, hardworking Americans are looking for a candidate in ‘08 they can trust and this early on, they’re voting with their pocketbooks.


One Response to “Rudy’s fundraising: A Closer Look”

  1. WA for Rudy Says:

    In my best estimation, these numbers do bode well for Rudy. However, as the “front runner” at the moment, he needs to be securing more donors! I know he has an online donation platform up and running, but he should have something like 50,000 donors by now! Also, I would like to see stronger support for him in the NE and especially from the financial guys on Wall Street.

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