PA Leadership Conference Straw Poll; Gingrich Remarks


Just got back from the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, and I have some posts about it up at PA For Hizzoner.

Some background will be necessary to put those posts in context for those unfamiliar with PA politics.  In our Commonwealth conservative activists are very dissatisfied by the state GOP leadership.  So at the PALC, moreso than in similar ones in other states, insiders are thin on the ground.  There are also marginally more Blue Dog Democrats there than at similar confabs.  Make no mistake, though:  This is where traditional conservative activists conspire in our state.  The raison d’être there, though, is as much to sack bad Republicans as it is to defeat Democrats.

So, keeping this in mind, Giuliani’s showing in the straw poll is great.  In this group Republicans who have had the luxury of NOT having had to accept any endorsements yet from the PA GOP machine showed very well.  Here are the figures for the top four, from memory, so I may be off a point or two here.

1)  Fred Thompson:  35%

2) Giuliani and Newt: 16%

4)  Romney:  12%

Keep in mind that Newt was a speaker here.  So if you take out the votes of those literally in his employ, Rudy is sole possession of the second slot.  McCain scored only a point or two, losing to the Huckabees and Hunters of the world.  I think he was tied with Ron Paul.  McCain, you may be interested to know, seems to be the favored candidate of the state GOP machine.

The other development of note, as far as I was concerned:  Newt’s talk would have needed very little revision to read as a Giuliani endorsement.  I’m not implying that’s what he meant.  I’m just saying it was so.

Personally, I think Thompson won’t ultimately hurt Giuliani all that much.  People are bound to eventually realize that Thompson may have played a tough DA on TV, but Hizzoner actually WAS that guy.


2 Responses to “PA Leadership Conference Straw Poll; Gingrich Remarks”

  1. PA Leadership Conference Straw Poll: Rudy Leads All Presidential Candidates « PA For Hizzoner, Rudy Giuliani Says:

    […] point I mentioned at this site, but did not mention here, deserves emphasis:  Note how well candidates who do not have to […]

  2. WA for Rudy Says:

    Funny point about Thompson/Giuliani matchup! I think that’s one strong point that people will like about Rudy, he’s known as being tough on crime. However, polls consistently show that Thompson is drawing some of Rudy’s key support — namely conservative voters. It’ll be very interesting in the next weeks to see what Fred does — I think he’s close to either throwing his hat in, or bowing out.

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