PA, FL, and OH Groove on Giuliani


I have posted at a bit more length about this recent Quinnipiac poll here.

The upshot is awesome for Giuliani, though.  Fred Thompson has pretty much been making all the appearances of running for a month now, but he appears to be doing little to erode Hizzoner’s support among Republicans.

Furthermore, in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio Giuliani is the only potential GOP nominee who handles all potential democrat nominees.

As I’ve noted elsewhere, political pundits would do well to speak to some actual voters, and think about where Giuliani actually stands on certain issues, before coming up with opinions like “Giuliani is too liberal for the GOP base” or “If Fred Thompson enters the race he will take away a lot of Giuliani’s support.”

Seriously, something tells me a pundit could make a lot of money seeming like the sage of middle America if he or she just lived somewhere besides New York, DC, or Los Angeles.


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