Giuliani Advisor Carbonetti on the Last Few Weeks


Byron York of National Review had a talk recently with a long-time member of Giuliani’s inner circle, Anthony Carnonetti.  The resulting piece is here.  In it he attempts to lay to rest conventional wisdom shibboleths regarding the ignorance of social conservatives.

The consistent undercurrent of the piece is not explicitly stated, and it is a constant talking point for me:  Mayor Giuliani combines proven leadership with the not insignificant fact he happens to feel about issues in a way consistent with that of the majority of American voters.  Why mainstream pundits do not talk about this at more length I do not know.  So I guess we’ll have to keep doing it. 


One Response to “Giuliani Advisor Carbonetti on the Last Few Weeks”

  1. Luther C. Hardy Says:

    Dear PA Rudy Blogger:

    Certainly, I do not profess to have “ultimate wisdom”, but in the course of the past year it has become apparent to me why mainstream pundits do not talk more about Rudy’s strengths. To understand this, one must first grasp two points:

    First, one must understand that “mainstream pundits” are overwhelmingly Liberal (capital “L”) just like most of the larger mainstream media. This Liberalism dovetails, as it usually does, with the partisan political, i.e., Liberal, agenda of the Democrat Party. Here, one recalls the statistics that show overwhelming Democrat voter registration among denizens of the mainstream media. Thus, the sub rosa opposition to Rudy on the part of mainstream pundits is of a piece with the same sub rosa opposition so thinly veiled by the mainstream media, the “Conventional Wisdom”, the “Wise Men of Washington”, Cable-TV Talking Heads, Democrat Strategists, etc., etc.

    Second, Rudy is not a Liberal. Let me say that again, louder: RUDY IS NOT A LIBERAL! People who call Rudy a Liberal fall into two groups: Those who are trying to demonize him and those who define “conservative” principally, if not solely, by the metric of social conservatism. The second group is actually not opposed to Rudy, at least not as a monolithic bloc, and even generally supports him: To wit, as I wrote recently on another blog:

    All this folderol about “Rudy’s poll numbers will drop once social conservatives learn about him” is the real clear and present danger to our Party! The real story here is not even that Rudy’s poll numbers have NOT tanked — he had yet another up-tick today in the RCP Average — nor is the real story even the implicit insult that [people espousing this stance], and those of [their] ilk do to socially conservative voters by implying, nay downright stating, that they don’t know whom they are supporting. No, the real story is that, in addition to overall polls, Rudy also consistently wins polling sub-sets like “White Male Born Again Christians”.

    The real story is that even the ultra-liberal LA Times can write a story entitled “Abortion aside, conservative Christians like Giuliani for 2008 GOP nomination” (23 April 2007), and Marsha Mercer can pen a piece on Rudy’s Southern support (26 April) that she entitled “Giuliani’s Southern Appeal Surprises” and her Scripps News distributors entitled “Bubba Giuliani”. All the while, Rudy is treated like a rock star by the Alabama legislature, and in places like Hattiesburg, Mississippi and Columbia, South Carolina. Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana – a politician at the heart of the Christian Right — can, as he himself says, “pray deeply” over the issue and come to the conclusion that he has to be Rudy’s Southern Coordinator.

    So, back to the other group, the group that is trying to demonize Rudy, the one that has the sub rose agenda, the group that includes the mainstream pundits. The reason they don’t talk about Rudy’s strengths boils down to one word: FEAR! The kind of existential fear that gnaws at the pit of the stomach! They fear a Rudy Presidency, and they will go out of their way, in the guise of neutral observation and commentary, to make it appear, to be impossible for Rudy to ascend to that office. Thus, they cannot talk about Rudy’s strengths. Rather, they cling with feverish tenacity to the slender reed of hope that that the Christian Right will do their work for them and deny Rudy the Republican Nomination.

    This fear of a Rudy Presidency is composed of several aspects:

    They fear Rudy because they believe, rightly in my view, he is the only Republican currently on the scene who can and will deny the Party of the Left the Presidency they feel is so rightly theirs owing to the War in Iraq – the Presidency they still believe they were robbed of in 2000.

    They fear Rudy because they KNOW they will not be able to “control” him in the way they believe they can control John McCain.

    They fear Rudy because they believe, again rightly in my view, that a successful Rudy Presidency, one resembling his mayoralty in New York, will give the final lie to everything they profess to believe in.

    They fear Rudy because they know in the pit of their stomach that President Giuliani will do to them just what Mayor Giuliani did the hyper Liberals in New York City.

    To test this theory, take a week. Every time you read a pundit to say, or you hear a talking head say something to the effect that “Rudy cannot win the Republican Nomination because the Christian Right and social conservatives in general will not vote for him in the primaries because of his liberal social positions”, pause and jot down where (roughly) on the political spectrum that commentator falls.

    At the end of the week, you will find, I can virtually guarantee, that with perhaps the sole exception of Pat Buchanan, the commentators will fall distinctly to the Left of the spectrum, the same kinds of voices who, in any other circumstance, would be praising, however obliquely, a candidate who “supports a woman’s right to choose”.

    Now, consult the polls for the past month to six weeks. Look at the internals and see for yourself which candidate, among Republicans, has consistently carried, by margins outside the M.O.E., polling sub-sets like: “White Male Born-Again Christians”.

    What is really at work here is that the mainstream media, including mainstream pundits, Democrat strategists, the “Conventional Wisdom”, have invented their own “notional Christian Right”, which they are them pimping against Rudy for their own purposes.

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