Rudy ’08 Releases New Web Ad


For some reason the flash player on wasn’t working very well — so definitely watch this on YouTube.  Overall I think it’s a good ad, though it could use some improvenents.

 1) Scrap the stock footage.  At this point in the campaign, shots of Rudy with real people should be bountiful.

2) More angles and pan-overs of excited crowds would give some much needed emphasis to the positive points Rudy is laying out. (Speaking of which, I like that this has such a positive and strongly conservative message, especially on taxes, terrorism and crime.)

3) The editing is good — but not flawless.  It flows nicely, but has a “softer” feel to it than most of the stuff campaigns are blasting out these days.  While it casts Rudy as a leader, it lacks the testimonial feel that other GOP hopefuls are using.

Maybe to get higher marks with me, Rudy needs a videographer of the Justin Germany style.  This “ad” is much different from the other web videos in that it has a professional production feel to it.  The Justin Germany school of videography is much more rough, uncut, and PERSONAL.

Now maybe it’s just my own personal bias, but I like web videos that give you a sense of what it’s like to be on the ground with the candidates.  These “introductory” videos are good for introducing people to the candidate.  And since its still VERY early in the race, and the messaging is great — I think this still earns an A.


One Response to “Rudy ’08 Releases New Web Ad”

  1. SVC Alumnus Says:

    I had the same problem. At least the good – but not great – ad made YouTube. What would make it great, I concur, is testimonials.

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