The GOP Debate; Rudy Wins Again


I don’t watch these things, as I refuse to take cable into my home and I just can’t cotton to watching TeeVee on the computer.  Besides, reading debate commentary seems to be good enough for my needs, and I can spend the time doing something else.  More work Americans won’t do, I guess, at least when reading Derb, Steyn, and Hitch.

So Rich Lowry just said “Does anyone doubt that this guy is ready to be president of the United States? Makes almost everyone else on the stage look small by comparison.”

Would that be a fair assessment?


10 Responses to “The GOP Debate; Rudy Wins Again”

  1. Calvin Says:

    If you like people who don’t have a discernible soul, I guess….

  2. Karlub - PA RudyBlogger Says:

    Now that’s just plain nasty, you big meanie. I will also take it as a tacit admission you agree with Mr. Lowry.

    Seriously, Cal: That sort of trollishness is the exact sort of thing I’ve been advising you to avoid. Pursuasion is supposed to be your goal, right?

  3. Calvin Says:

    Nasty? No more so than the “man” you shill for not giving a damn about human rights. (There’s no clearer example of the moral & intellectual decay in the GOP than unkind words being more troubling than premeditated murder.) Besides, show me where it’s inaccurate. Demonstrate to me the soul of a man who dodges the plain truth of embryonic sience in the name of killing the defenseless. Tell me that Americans should see this walking obscenity as “good enough.”

    Persuasion is my goal. It’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I eagerly await a logical refutation of my latest calm, persuasion-focused response on the other post. (By the way, I should point out that our two abortion debates are linked to my blog’s “Just Say NO to Rudy Giuliani” sidebar under “Shredding Rudy Spin” #1 and #2.)

    Moral clarity is my other goal. That means when I see evil, I have no choice but to call it for what it is…even if it rears its ugly head in my own party.

  4. karlub Says:

    Last time I checked Abe Lincoln explicitly made a point of saying he was not fighting the Civil War because of slavery. I guess he was lacking a soul as well. Your moral bar seems set mighty high.

    In fact, perhaps it is news to you that such posturing does little to change the perception many have of social conservatives being a bunch of Cromwellian nanny-staters eager to find specks in other people’s eyes. Of course, being a type of social conservative myself I think they’re wrong.

    If you think you are doing anything more than preaching to the choir you are mistaken. At least I think so. I could be wrong. Ask around.

  5. Calvin Says:

    Do I hear crickets chirping?

  6. karlub Says:

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. And I can’t tell you how little I care as I am currently on Florida’s Gulph Coast, dreaming of catching me a big ole Amberjack for breakfast tomorrow.

  7. Calvin Says:

    Huh. Then game, set, match, I guess. Better luck next time!

  8. karlub Says:

    Uh, no. What it was was an indictment of your inability to clearly communicate what your crickets remark was about. I still don’t know what you’re talking about.

  9. Calvin Says:

    OK, then, here it is: a reference to the rather defining silence my above challenge was met with.

  10. Calvin Says:

    Typo: “deafening,” not “defining”

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