Te Gusta Sr. Giuliani? Si!


Giuliani can’t stand the current immigration bill.  Unsurprisingly, that seems to play just fine with at least one Spanish-speaking constituency:  Cuban expats!

The list of Giuliani advisers on his Florida team– Carlos Gimenez, Rebecca Sosa, Esteban Bovo, and J.C. Flores– sure seems to have a Latin swing.  And he’s winning in Florida over challenger of the month Thompson in this Strategic Vision poll.

I think it would be a hoot if more native Spanish speaking GOP voters went with Giuliani than the other candidates, especially McCain.  At least in the short term it would demonstrate that perhaps it is a little racist to try and pander to Latinos by legalizing them all.

Giuliani is in a great position on immigration.  He is clearly for enforcement first, and has the law and order background to make this position plausible.  He also, though, has a track record as mayor of NYC completely innoculating him against accusations that he just doesn’t like brown people.


One Response to “Te Gusta Sr. Giuliani? Si!”

  1. Mick Says:

    Good points. I believe Rudy understands what the bill means if it passes, super citizenship with free legal and waived taxes, free healthcare and no-worry-no-car insurance-man amnesty for 20 million illegals. Next, their kids get ahead of U.S. citizens in line for admission to top state universities.

    What kind of sheeple do they think the American people are?

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