Rudy’s YouTube Campaign


I thought this video was especially illustrative of the YouTube campaign Team Rudy is running.


5 Responses to “Rudy’s YouTube Campaign”

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  2. ohio4rudy Says:

    I’m interested to hear what you think about the strategy behind this sort of effort by the Rudy campaign. The video is some serious red meat for policy folks like myself. What about the rest of the ‘blogosphere’ ? Is this the sort of approach that will have broad appeal among the online audience? Or is that audience less interested in policy and more interested in rhetoric and showmanship?

  3. Dad Says:

    Sounds great to me.I like what he said toward the end, when he was explaining how he did it in NY,and said I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS.

  4. WA for Rudy Says:

    I think Rudy’s videos are better than most of the other candidates, mainly because they’re clips of him talking about substance. They’re not, “a day in the life of Rudy”, where the camera tags along on the trail.

    If video watchers want showmanship and rhetoric, I’m increasingly convinced that FDT will capture these people. If they want passion and chutzpah, then Rudy’s their guy. I see these two leading the pack heading into the late summer, and early fall. Rudy has to be able to compete with FDT’s web team–which is essentially where FDT is putting most of his chips at the moment.

    Short answer: these vids are great Team Rudy, keep them coming.

  5. karlub - PA RudyBlogger Says:

    I think he should try and dispense with the Clintonian thumb-point.

    Otherwise, this is where is message needs to be, for now. The more details, the better. It’s the policy wonks that most need to be pursuaded. With them on Rudy’s side he can win the primary. Steve Forbes was a real nice get in this respect.

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