Amongst GOP Candidates, Who Do Brown People Like?


I am too lazy to find the primary source, and I’m BBQing and pork butt, so instead I will offer this link over at NRO’s Corner blog.

Mayor Giuliani has a reputation amongst the media elite as being something of an anti-minority head-banger from his time in NYC.  He also has the best pulic record amongst GOP candidates of being against race preferences.  And if I were related to Amadou Diallo I would probably agree with the media elite.

Thing is, amongst GOP presidential candidates Hizzoner has the best favorable/unfavorable ratios amongst blacks and Latinos according to a recent Gallup poll.  Amongst Latinos he even bests Amnesty McCain.

Granted, African Americans don’t like him nearly as much as they like all the Dems.  But Latinos do like Giuliani better than Obama and Edwards.

What we have here, maybe, is yet another example of the media being unable to actually divine the preferences of real Americans.  I suspect there are plenty of African Americans and Latinos who understand that when Mayor Giuliani brought order to New York City he brought order to all neighborhoods.  It’s tough to say for sure, but he may have saved more lives and more property for Latinos and blacks than for whites.

This may shock the editors of the NYT and Washington Post, but brown people are perfectly able to figure out a law and order mayor first and foremost brings law and order to the places in most desperate need.  I also guess it won’t take long for GOP primary voters to figure out there is one real law and order candidate, and he’s not a former actor.


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