2Q07 Fundraising: Rudy Offically Kicks Butt


Well, kids, we now know the answer to what you can buy with 15 million dollars:  Decent polls in IA and NH.  Running for president is expensive!

In the second quarter of this year the Giuliani campaign raised a couple more million than their nearest competitor, Team Romney.  This does NOT count the loans Romney keeps giving to himself.

At the same time, Romney spent about 15 million more dollars than Team Giuliani.  This almost certainly explains why his polling has improved, since as far as I can tell no actual voters seem to be warming to the Romney-bot.  Even those that want to like him, like my old man, can’t seem to muster any real enthusiasm.

These figures also explain why Romney dipped into is fortune recently to fund his campaign.  Without that cash infusion his campaign would have spent more than they took in.  Not a very good example for someone who wants to be seen as a fiscally conservative leader, eh?  This is in contrast to the Giuliani campaign which has been scrupulous with their money, while now out-raising Romney.

Where’s McCain, you may ask?  Well, in this case if you have to ask you can’t afford it.  His numbers would have looked great in 1976, though.

Team Giuliani, by the way, more than doubled the number of individual contributors they have.  What is the meta-point we have learned here?  Yet again, it appears Giuliani’s leadership and positions most closely match that of the average GOP voter, and that voter should know all about him by now.  I wonder if the pundits are ready to admit these people aren’t ignorant yahoos.

Full analysis here.


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