Attack Ad from NY Firefighters Snipes at Rudy


From the NYT’s Caucus Blog.  I’ve heard this “9/11 profiteer” meme–and hey, Rudy did make some bucks by doing a few motivational speeches, but to claim Rudy mis-managed the 9/11 response is just plain ludicrous.


3 Responses to “Attack Ad from NY Firefighters Snipes at Rudy”

  1. karlub - PA RudyBlogger Says:

    The campaign has a handy punch list addressing these issues here:

    Thing is, this is going to be a real problem. I’ve heard of a number of NYC fire-fighters who are preparing to “Swift Boat” Giuliani. Their motivations vary: Some are misguided, others are Union shills, and still others feel they don’t have enough access to the campaign or get enough credit for good things that happened in the department during Giuliani’s administration.

    Regardless of their motivations, though, it is good to see the campaign is getting out in front of this sort of thing. If they ever look even a little cagey or defensive they will have huge problems.

  2. RegularDan Says:

    There’s a good editorial from the New York Post calling the firefighters’ union video a “smear”.

  3. WA for Rudy Says:

    I concur Karlub, this is one very tender point for Rudy. He’s got a lot at stake in his reputation as NYC Mayor after 9/11. All of the things he did or didn’t do to turn the city around, 9/11 is the most emotional topic, and if they go for the jugular on Rudy (as many of us believe they will), he had damn well be prepared for it. He can’t languish in criticism al a another Northeasterner did (John Kerry).

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