The Polls That Really Matter: FL & SC


Now that I have become a more earnest content-generator on the upcoming presidential race, I feel in my bones what I only before knew in my head: Polls exist to keep the commentariat occupied.

That caveat aside, we’ve recently had two polls in states with early primaries:  SC and FL.  Both of these states have primaries before super-duper local television affiliate windfall Tuesday.  Combined, there are also twice as many delegates at stake in these states than in IA and NH.

A recent Quinnipiac poll showed Giuliani up by a LOT in Florida.  A recent CNN poll gave Hizzoner a solid lead in SC.  Funnily, his closest competition there is McCain, who we all expect to spectacularly auger into the ground.  If one is curious where Romney stands in states where his spending is commensurate with the competition, it is instructive to note he’s down in Ron Paul territory in SC at 4 points.

So I guess I have a new hobby horse: Why is Romney first tier?  Heck, people.  Give me 12 million dollars with opponents still biding their time and I could get Stan Jones— the Montana Libertarian who turned himself blue by eating colloidal silver– to poll well in IA and NH.


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