Don’t Let Rudy, or Romney, Duck the Debate!


If Rudy backs out of this debate, he’s going to lose a whole lot of online support. Go here for more info on saving the debate.


One Response to “Don’t Let Rudy, or Romney, Duck the Debate!”

  1. ohio4rudy Says:

    So here stands Rudy, commanding the stage with strong, clear answers to questions about Islamic terrorists, Iran, taxes, and healthcare, when along comes any of the video clips you can find here:

    Now think about the situation: Rudy, under the glare of the stage lights, news cameras, and CNN, has to backpeddle, fumble for explanations, and try to find a way to say something to hold onto all the GOP primary momentum that would instantaneously evaporate.

    Smelling blood, the producers allow another question with another of the video clips on the page linked above. And in a matter of 3 minutes, because a couple internet-savvy 20-somethings put together questions laced with this poison, America’s hope for a courageous and decisive President who will protect our nation, our economy, and our freedom, is dashed by the 1-2 punch of the youtube generation.


    Or, the Giuliani campaign decides that this debate style isn’t suited to their candidate, and they take flak for a week or two. Maybe they lose some support among the young (who, regrettably, never seem to vote in huge numbers). Perhaps the campaign’s contributions through the internet take a dive. Maybe the poll numbers stumble a little. But Rudy’s still in the lead.

    In three weeks, most of the media (except CNN, who I’m fairly sure aren’t going to give Giuliani any breaks to begin with) have moved on and forgotten about the debate. The Giuliani train rolls on through the fall and into the winter, with Feb 5th right around the corner.

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