Fred Thompson Troubles Becoming the Story of the Moment?


Is the Fred Thompson media tagline changing from ‘The GOP’s cowboy-savior’ to ‘flash in the pan’ ?

We have here yet another tale of problems in the Thompson camp.

A little disclaimer: though I’m fairly critical of all the Fred Thompson hooplah, and although I think a Thompson nomination would be disastrous for the GOP, I do believe that his campaign’s responses to this attack are fair and valid.  I’m posting the story here as an example of what I perceive as the media’s next chapter in the GOP primary race.  (And privately, for the sake of the Giuliani campaign, I’m cheering the media on in this one.)


One Response to “Fred Thompson Troubles Becoming the Story of the Moment?”

  1. Dennis Says:

    If nominated, Thompson would be a disaster for the republican party. He had a lack-luster career in the Senate; he has the universal reputation for being lazy; he was a lobbyist ( of all things); and he has serious health issues.

    At best he would be a regional candidate, who could carry most southern states ( excluding Florida) and some smaller midwestern and western states. In short, he could not win a general election.

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