Re: Fred Thompson Troubles Becoming the Story…


It seems so:

Fred Thompson Came Up Short in June Money

…”The amount…was less than the $5 million that Mr. Thompson’s supporters had hoped for and has met with some disappointment inside his camp, which has also been buffeted in recent days by staff defections and high-level disagreements.”

Thompson’s ‘virtual’ campaign experiencing real bumps

…”He keeps delaying his official announcement, now expected in September.  Some staff members have quit.  Controversy has already arisen over the fact that Thompson once accepted a lobbying assignment for an abortion rights group.”

Thompson’s June Haul Said to be $3 Million  (scroll to bottom for piece on Fred…)

…”Three sources familiar with the finances said donations have slowed significantly, a situation made worse by staff shake-ups in recent weeks.”

Thompson to report $3 million for June

A note about this last article: It makes the point that numbers from Thompson’s July fundraising are not yet being reported – “Dollars raised in July, during which Thompson has held several large fundraising events, won’t be disclosed.”  These numbers are, of course, anybody’s guess.  If they’re good, all of this bad press goes away.  If they’re average or worse, we’ll see more snowballing…


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