Rudy on the Rise



American Research Group has a new set of polls on IA, NH, and SC, and one thing is clear: Rudy Giuliani is up in all three states. As is another: John McCain keeps sinking, especially in New Hampshire and South Carolina, where he’s down 11 and 13 points since June:

(movement since June +/- in parentheses)


Giuliani: 22% (+4)

Romney: 21% (-4)

McCain: 17% (+4)

Thompson: 13% (-1)


Giuliani: 27% (+8)

Romney: 26% (-1)

Thompson: 13% (+3)

McCain: 10% (-11)


Giuliani: 28% (+6)

Thompson: 27% (+8)

McCain: 10% (-13)

Romney: 7% (-1)

Giuliani’s perceived weakneses in IA and NH were always exaggerated and this poll proves what we’ve been saying all along: that with enough exposure and grassroots attention, Rudy’s numbers (already high in the larger states with later primaries) would start to rise among Republicans in the critical early primary states as well. It’s also interesting to note predictions that Fred Thompson would erode Giuliani’s support seem to be completely off base. In fact, Giuliani’s numbers have risen considerably in IA and NH with Thompson in the race, while Thompson ranks 4th and 3rd in those states, despite the media blitz surrounding his possible candidacy. Republicans across the country are coming to the realization that Rudy is the only candidate who can provide strong, honest leadership and challenge the Democrats directly for their dismal record on national security.


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